Who Am I


 When You Change The Way You Look At Things, The Things You Look At Change(Dr. Wayne Dyer)

"I Am on a Mission to Elevate The Consciousness of Billions"

- Kirit Pankhania

I work with Enlightened Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders to help them do their best work! Through powerful high impact strategies coupled with my unique The REV Blueprint I am blessed to have already empowerred thousands globally to Rapidly, Radically & Sustainably Craft Lives of Outstanding Success,  Dynamic Impact & Massive Contribution and affectionately regarded as amongst "the most dynamic and effective motivational & inspirational leadership trainers in the galaxy.Formerly a top city lawyer specialising in complex, heavyweight work and running my own firm,I held a record 98% success rate for the cases I handled. Prior to this, I gained hands-on experience within commercial, corporate & property departments, having been head-hunted by several prestigious West End & City firms. 


After a life changing car accident & with my career moving increasingly into Strategic Consultancy the business of the firm was transferred to 3 leading associate firms in January 2010, enabling me to focus on my lifelong interest in The sphere of Human Potential and ultimately my passion of empowering others to truly thrive and TOGETHER making a difference that will benefit not only ourselves, rather ALL LIFE and all the generations to follow.   

I am NOW The INspired Legacy SuperCoach, The INvironmentalist and an acknowledged expert in Inspirational Speaking, Transformational Leadership and Education.

Utilising my skills & experiences I help clients master communication skills, motivate teams, achieve critical business goals & ultimately WIN In the most important business of all - The Business Of Life

I believe we are at "The Tipping Point" in human civilisation and indeed the safeguarding of all life on precious Mother Earth. Right now we hold the future of countless billions in our hands. Through our collective acts, omissions, our conscious decisions and our unconscious choices We can and we MUST make a positive powerful difference.

I believe that TOGETHER WE WILL. #oneworldourworld If Not Now WHEN?

Why This Is Important

I have found a way to enable you to access your potential in such a powerful way Life will NEVER be the same again for you or the people you serve

However successful you already are, whatever blocks you have experienced in any aspect of business or personal life, quickly identify them, overcome them and in reconnecting to your inner power, you can start to achieve goals you had never believed possible.

I believe We Can & TOGETHER WE WILL create a far better world for us & the generations who follow.

Through my seminars, keynote presentations & training programs I have been privileged to contribute to the empowerment of countless individuals & world class organisations in the UK & internationally. These include Ivy League Universities, business & thought leaders, charitable institutions & major corporates. 

I have been blessed to train with & be mentored by eminent leaders in human potential such as Anthony Robbins. I am a NLP Master.

Philanthropy Directly Impacting Positive Global Change

Working pro-bono basis, through a series of motivational seminars to management teams at high profile corporates such as Barclays Capital, GlaxoSmithKline & Goldman Sachs (among many others) I am honoured to have been instrumental in raising substantial funds for good causes. As a direct consequence of my seminars in the past 8 years I have been instrumental in raising over £160M for charity and good causes ($1944M). Some of the charities included:Cancer Research, Oxfam, Sightsavers, Seva International, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Great Ormond Street Hospital & Help the Aged now Age UK.

Check out the SuperCoach Programs and details of Events, Seminars and Keynotes.

The testimonials speak volumes and remember I am not selling you anything; only giving YOU the opportunity to craft a life on your terms, in balance and fulfilled.

How May I Help YOU To THRIVE?

Please click the link below for a flavour of some of the numerous amazing outcomes that already super successful people have benefitted and how we are working together to enhance life.

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