Inspired Public Speaking Academy


 There is a wealth of difference between communication,  public speaking and inspired public speaking.When you are consciously aware of your purpose, your mission, the essence of who and what you are, your message takes on a flight way beyond traditional expectations. You will emit power, command respect and above all inspire lead and become a source of empowerment to all. Taste the difference..Its addictive and learning the art and science of Inspirational Public Speaking is FUNdamental (Yes its FUN too) step in you achieving the greatness you deserve.


The art and power of inspirational public speaking
Effective speaking to the public, your clients and your team
(seminar – 1 day) 

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Finding your voice, communicating your message  (seminar - 2 day) 

If the thought of speaking in public or presenting at a conference fills you with dread and panic, our public speaking courses are designed to turn you from a nervous novice to a master communicator.

The course covers the following:

• The art and science of public communication
• Stage fright and anxiety and how toinstantly overcome them  

• Using the stage
• Building rapport
• How to communicate
• What not to say and what not to do
• Captivating your team, your company and your audience
• Enjoying the process and letting your real power work for you
• The financial and employment pay off 


Giving a commanding performance  (3 day Intensive Workshop and Masterclass - 3 days/ long weekend) 

This includes all of the above and is an intensive training programme covering:

• Stage props: dos and don’ts
• What to wear and when
• Building a speech: shifts in posture to ignite the audience 

 • Charisma: what is it and how you can shine
• Real-time performances and feedback
• How to ask for anything and get it
• Focus and audience participation
• Winning the crowd
• When to stop and why
• Managing your new skill sets
• Cultivating a relationship and monetising it