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You Are Amazing

THIS may sound superlative? Yet if you truly know your worth and the legacy you seek to create, YOU will be seeking something beyond the norm. You will be seeking to embrace an experience and accomplish outcomes that are truly exceptional.

I help Enlightened Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders to do their best work, faster, sustainably and on an even greater scale.

Who are you?

You are already someone who is successful. A leader both of teams and of ideas. A forward thinker with feet firmly on the ground and a vision of life and contribution much greater than that already accomplished. You aspire to achieve more, do more and BE more. To live a life that has meaning, a life in balance and with a sense of urgency to break through what has been keeping you hostage to your most prosperous glorious life.

Most people are happy just to have existed. Many seem to be born, pay bills and die without ever waking up. There are some who are more aware and want to achieve something of significance in business or another perhaps specific area of life. For people like that there are numerous coaches and trainers. However, if YOU are the exception and want to create a life that is Epic and yet In Balance, please read on. You are in the right place. As they say, there are no coincidences only miracles.

I only work with people who are AWAKE, who are seeking to truly reach the ultimate flow of life and who have a burning desire to not just do something significant but to LIVE a Life of Significance.

(1) I will never waste your time. (2) I will never allow you to waste mine.

I invest wisely, in me and in the people I serve. The results are therefore extraordinary. There are reams of testimonials check out a selection here.

I have had the privilege and honour of advising, mentoring and stragetically working to produce radical outcomes that are truly life transforming.These include Ivy Leage institutions, multinationals, celebrity clients and elite performers.

I BELIEVE our most precious resource is TIME. Once gone, it is gone forever. I therefore consciously choose only to work with people who in some way have a Bigger Picture, who want to make a lasting impact; in short people and organisations who are authentic and who inspire me.  I love to serve Enlightened Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders to do their best work.  Indeed the vast majority of my clients have come to me via a direct result of a recommendation to them by an existing client corporate or personal relationship. My clients all share a passion and determination to craft an outstanding life for themselves and others. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you know there is abundance out there and truly want to create a life of dynamic impact and massive contribution then WELCOME.

This is Great for everyone and ultimately Great for The Planet too. Lets think about this; after all, what is the point in creating millionaires and billionaires whose only dream is to make money? However, an enlightened entrepreneur or thought leader is someone who will create even greater wealth in every sense and play their part in creating a legacy that will inspire generations.

We are at a critical time in the life of this planet and of all life itself. We hold the world in our hands. If we drop the ball the future too will be gone. The generations to follow will wonder why when at this time of substantial resources and technological advances were we so unresourceful to shield, preserve, protect and promote a world of compassion, sustainability and of joy. Think about it, No planet no generations!

I BELIEVE that the journey begins when a person makes a Real Decision. Whether it is “Enough..No more of the past, No more of the present pain..I deserve better” or "I know I can be more and I am ready to do whatever it takes to make it happen." The Declaration can set you on the path to freedom to become your Very Best. Your True Self.

All of us know that life can be challenging. We also know when deep inside we need to take action and failing to take action is costing us in deep powerful and debilitating ways. The good news is that it is normal for people who are CONSCIOUSLY AWAKE to be aware of this. The sad news is that most are consciously conditioned to deliberately remain asleep, not AWAKEN, preferring to put up a little longer till one day years have passed, decades gone until finally life is a catalogue of What Ifs? Not You..Not anymore..Not Now. You demand Rapid Radical Transformation!


1 - 2 - 1 Personal Coaching Programs : 

I have found a way I Call it The Rev Blueprint to empower, inspire and enable you to access your potential in a consistent and sustainable way in such a powerful way Life will NEVER be the same again for you or the people you serve. 

These days you need a booklet for a toaster, an iron, a guide to the latest smartphone so you can understand and make the most of it's myriad facilites. But what of the human being? We are the most complex and powerful lifeforms yet we operate without ever being aware of the incredible capacity, power, functionality and abilities that are part of our true operating system. And yet somewhere we are aware that things aren't as they should be. Our Subconscious reminds us but most fail to do anything different and therefore even successful people frequently suffer frustration, health and other challenges and endure through life. People ask themselves and want to know what they could do to change patterns of behaviour and outomes. If only there was something? Some way or someone to help you open up to your potential and in a way that makes you not dependent or even independent but ultimately interdependent where people serve people raising eachother to the greatest experiences of living and thriving. Well there is. And the outcomes are uniquely yet uniformly and universally transformational.

My personal view is that you should engage and invest in an Intensive program of SuperCoaching. It is an Investment in something exceptional. The Real YOU.

It is an investment in Your Best Life.

It is not cheap (whatever that means).In fact one of my clients who himself routinely charges $1M a year for an hour's telephone coaching per month puts it this way (in his own words) "Kirit your gift and skill is so great you could charge ten times what I do and have an even longer queue of clients then I have."

I consciously have chosen to keep my fees to a level that enables a greater number of people to access my services to help craft a better world for All Our Family. Though these will in time inevitably rise given the increasing demands on my time and commitments


Some Powerful Questions & Answers


Is it expensive? Compared to what?

You already know what it has cost you in terms of the past and the emotional and other areas which frankly monetary considerations can never satisfy. 

What will it cost you emotionally, mentally and ultimately physically in the future?

 if you do not tackle these “inner demons” now?  What has it cost you already? What will it continue to cost you? 

What will it mean if you reach your end and know you never really had the adventures that this great

The self-sabotage and self limitations can squeeze the joy out of life. It's fine, we all have them; knowing how to tame and overcome them is an art. And in the process you and your family can truly enjoy a life of success and above all fulfilment. That is priceless. As are YOU.

How you will benefit from those courses?

My SuperCoaching will amongst many other things obliterate blocks and negative energies stopping you from living the life you deserve, they will empower you to realise your ultimate destiny and best of all ensure you implement the action to ensure you get it done. Rapidly!  Too many people fail on the implementation...Get that done.

The results speak for themselves

There Are 3 Stand Alone Programs

This is a 3 part agreement. All fees are payable upfront. That is part 1 of your commitment.

Part 2 is that you will fully engage in the process, the strategies and the skills you will find yourself being equipped with.

Part 3 You will do whatever is necessary (legally, morally and ethically speaking of course) to actively participate.

I can guarantee there will not be any hiding spaces, you will be in a safe context and fully able to connect deep within that place where real transformation begins. Ultimately you want someone to help you become your Best. That's my commitment to be that person for You.

If you bail out for any reason before the end of the program the fees already paid will not be refunded; they will be utilised in my ultimate discretion towards a worthwhile cause.

 Contact me and our team will schedule time for a deep, powerful conversation. It is important we understand your needs and ensure there is a "fit" so that we are the right source for you. And if perchance, we are not, then we will help guide you to some other resource. We value your time. And ours. And working in Partnership we can craft and achieve goals on an exponential level.