Peter Jones: Investment Guru

 Its simple. I live in a results world. If you want results you get the best you can. In my line of work I look for, pay for and learn from the best. In a world of very few truly world class Leaders in motivational and inspirational leadership, subtle shifts can mean the difference between failure and success. Kirit Pankhania is not only up there…He is the best.  Whether its sales, team building or finding your passion, you cannot afford not to know what Kirit teaches. Whatever has been limiting your performance, make one decision that is guaranteed to deliver… see Kirit Pankhania. Your world is about to be transported to a different level 

Priti Ambani: Entrepreneur, Fund Raiser, Community Leader, India.

 I was born with a silver spoon and with it countless resources. Nothing was beyond my reach in material terms. I was a wild child. When our Family Group of Companies retained Kirit Pankhania to deliver a KeyNote at our family retreat where probably the top 150 Indian businesspersons (collective worth several billions) were in attendance my father insisted I attend. He said Kirit's presence was part of my birthday celebrations. I was intrigued. In his 2 hour talk he had the congregation "eating out of the palm of his hands" and a Vision for India and the world that captured my very core. I am still wild but now about using my skills to transform the lives of millions. With Kirit Pankhania's constant viligance I continue to do better and change lives everyday.  They say "When the student is ready the Master will appear." In my eyes and that of many others around the world, Kirit is simply masterful 

Paresh Patel: Business Mentor, Angel Investor, London

 Kirit is fiercely committed to helping his clients succeed. Sometimes he can drive you to question everything you have founded your past successes upon. Through it you come out more focused, energised and happier. In fact, whilst already successful in terms of prosperity following Kirit's mentorship, I am far more wealthy now in every respect. Kirit taught me the value of crafting a life in balance and not simply the bank balance.  

Natasha Snowden: Family Trust and Asset Management, Global

Kirit is incredible. A life saver or in my case a multiple lives saver. My family Trust first consulted Kirit after several years in which certain vested interests had effectively brought  our global business interests to a virtual standstill. We consulted Kirit to get some focus, direction and frankly to rescue us. We did not need more lawyers and bankers, we needed a Saviour. In a Global Boardroom with lawyers, financiers and accountants all vigorously competing Kirit managed to identify the common good and then provide solutions which totally transformed the business interests in Canada, Australia and Far East. His capacity to understand the human condition, get to the core of what needs attention and to construct and ensure implementation of systems, overcoming great hostilities and obstructions, is almost surreal. Kirit also brought a system of accountable management and today our global interests are thriving and generational assets are protected. Kirit has an energy which is healing, transformational and utterly powerful. His advice is sound and he is also ruthless yet fair in ensuring the right things get done. If you or your business however large needs that Magic X factor, then park your ego, go consult Kirit and get ready for Take Off!  

Trishul Devania: CFO, Business Elite, London

Kirit Pankhania’s strategies work. I manage a networking group of high profile individuals and have access to many top business trainers. Kirit Pankhania is a class apart. If you want to really know what you are capable of and if you want a life beyond your imagination, and most importantly, to finally achieve it, contact Kirit. 

Graham Hoffman: Philanthropist, Governor various organisations, Israel, Africa.

I ran into this affable young man 10 years ago. At the time he had just "schooled" one of my closest business aides, who is no spring chicken and regarded as a leading legal authority, in the art of negotiation. From what seemed our unassailable position in a complex commercial transaction, withing 90 minutes of a 3 days Hearing, Kirit had persuaded us and the Tribunial that we were misguided and any victory we might achieve would be a morally bankrupt one. It was an eye opener and I have since always ensured that we would only ever do business with "open hearts and open minds." Thereafter I retained Kirit in all matters that were of immense importance to me personally. He has since over the past 6 years given several Keynotes and seminars for many charitable organisations and been singularly the one factor that has increased the performance of our fund raising activities by over 1000%. He is a Master Communicator and if you ever need that One Spark to ignite and inspire your business, organisation or event, get Kirit Pankhania. It doesn't get better than that. 

David Chapman: Movie Producer

Some people simply radiate greatness. If you ever have the pleasure to be accepted for one of Kirit's Coaching programmes you too will know that this is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is simply an adventure. One that will elevate you to the theatre of your dreams and give you all the tools to soar. And You Will. One day there will be a movie about Kirit and just how incredible he is. He has his feet on the ground and a goodness that is the stuff of legend. 

Rakesh Malhotra: Entrepreneur, Green Investor, India.

Long ago I committed to a diet of receiving mentoring and project focused coaching. And it generally worked very well. I was then recommended to work with Kirit and EVERYTHING CHANGED!!! His level of intense, dynamic flow truly changed everything. My thoughts, my habits, my productivity and exponentially. I wholeheartedly believe Kirit's words that "the best investment one can make is in oneself." The key is to find the best you can afford, it is not about money it is about time and you have very little time. Invest wisely and if you can work with Kirit, your life will reap rewards beyond what you previously thought was possible.  

Tony Lancaster: Asset Management, London, New York

Together with my team we today manage over $40Billion in various funds for our elite clients. I consulted Kirit to help me overcome a major business challenge. My team have resources that we can choose who to work with. Just one compelling conversation with Kirit told me that this was the one person who could totally transform everything.  We went from managing $450M to $40B in funds in 4 years. It is my job to make good, reliable and stable investments. Kirit is simply the best investment we have ever made. And yours too. 

Reema Zayani: Mergers & Acquisitions Specialist

Following a recommendation by a leading barrister during a very acrimonious divorce and related property matter I consulted Kirit. He expertly cut through the "chaff," forensically traced assets and brought to an amicus a custody battle that had gone on for 3 previous years with former lawyers. Some years later I consulted Kirit to help me in a multi-million pound business transaction where we had reached an impasse in direction with the exisiting management following a hostile takeover. Kirit helped craft a Vision and an implementation strategy that caused a bonding between all senior management and the overall business. I retained Kirit as my personal Consultant and that business is now worth over £450M. In short, Kirit sees things far faster, further and more powerfully than anyone else I have met. His capacity for getting the best out of others is simply unrivalled. 

Michael Chapson: Entrepreneur

 I am a delegate on Kirit's Galactic Superstar programme. I have worked with several top coaches to enhance my skill levels whether in sports, business or health generally. From the first connection I could tell Kirit was a class apart. Kirit has a fantastic brain, supreme levels of energy and a passion for unleashing potential that is not for the fainthearted. If you truly want to compress time and align to your best life ever, get Kirit. Since working with Kirit I win every day in business and in life. In a profession of very few truly exceptional coaches, Kirit is humble, powerful and a true master of his craft.  

Neelam Shah: Management Consultant, Private Equity Specialist, Former Diplomatic Advisor

 I met Kirit at a charity fundraiser. Whatever it was, I felt drawn to seek him out. Some 40 minutes later, I had refined the speech and I felt amazing. In simple terms, Kirit truly cares. I have access to top opportunities for coaching. I choose Kirit Pankhania for my training and for my clients’ personal and business development. And for someone who is so gifted, he is incredibly humble. I don’t think he realises just how incredible he is! 

Markus Ivantoly: Management Consultant, Crypto Specialist, Speaker, Russia.

 I attended an international seminar in London in 2016. There were many speakers and trainers. Then there was Kirit Pankhania. He gave The Keynote which came at the end of 3 days of talks I was already exhausted from. Yet when Kirit started there was a difference. This Man is literally "out of this world," he has a vision, a heart and a drive that makes you feel better just by being in the same building. Frankly, the best speaker I have ever seen. This was a view shared by everyone I spoke to and there were over 2000 people there. Everyone was standing, cheering, crying, smiling, totally elevated to a new level. For the past 2 years Kirit has been Mentoring me. Everything in my life is a multiple times, exponentially better. He is relentless, passionate and effective.  Whatever you need to do, the one thing I recommend, is work with and see Kirit. You cannot afford not to. As he says "One Life, make Yours Count!" 

Timothy Andrews: Investor, Mentor and now International Philanthropist

 If you ever are fortunate to meet and work with Kirit Pankhania do everything you can, drop everything else, make it happen. You never know if you will ever have that opportunity again. In the Spring of 2016 my eldest son died in a motorcycle accident. For over 8 months I was in utter despair. I struggled to even get through the day. At times I would just waste away never leaving my bed, never ever venturing outside my home for weeks. My businesses were in freefall. My life was over. I was finally cajoled into a family-investors business meeting at a lounge in a hotel in Mayfair. I was really struggling. Then suddenly, in walks "this incredible force of Nature" that I call Kirit. Right from the hostess, the serving staff and other guests, in fact everyone seemed to raise their game. There was a palpable surge in energy. For the next 20 minutes I was totally taken aback. I felt compelled to walk over to Kirit and introduce myself. I just wanted to shake his hand for brightening up everything. I could see he was about to start his own meeting and would have understood if he waved me away like so many obviously successful people could be excused for doing. Instead there was a Humanity that took my hand and made me feel so special. I asked if we could stay in contact. From that time some 18 months on, I can with hand on heart say that working with Kirit has been remarkable. I have finally found a measure of peace, my businesses have recovered and thrive, and I am now properly truly embracing life as never before. Moreover, I have with Kirit's guidance established an educational and medical Trust for children in Kenya, Tanzania and Nepal. What I am trying to say is that I had every reason not to raise my game. Many people will find excuses. This man is a life transformer. Simply put, if you ever get an opportunity to connect with, be friends with or even work with Kirit, do not squander a single moment, seize it.  

Lionel James Hoh: Software and Artificial Intelligence Developer

 They say commonsense is itself uncommon. In my businesses where we provide leading edge Reasearch and Development to some of the Globe's premier technological giants we pride ourselves on being exceptional. There is no substitute for investment in the best talent. I believe that the right investment pays dividends short, medium and long term. Securing Kirit's 1-2-1 coaching has been the best investment I have ever made and that is taking into account the fact I have historically made super investments in my life.  He has a talent for grasping and unlocking the raw talent within you so powerfully that you are never the same again.  Not only am I more successful I have a life in balance and feel truly fulfilled. How many entrepreneurs, or even simply human beings, can say that about themselves? This is down to Kirit. Frankly, do the intelligent thing, if you can get Kirit it will reward you in more ways than simply financial. 

Steven Lord: International Financier

 Kirit, the way you teach, the passion and the strategies is a revelation. What I learned from you totally changed my life. Financially, I am even more successful, but I create deals where everybody wins.Your coaching revealed what can be done and how it can be done. Money, Balance, Fun. You changed my thinking and with it my life. I and my family will be forever grateful. 

Rajen Patel: Network Marketer, Speaker, Philanthropist

 I first met Kirit at one of his The Art and Science of Inspired Public Speaking events. I have always considered myself an accomplished speaker. Over a period of 3 years I had gained several rank positions in the profession of Network Marketing. I had however reached a plateau and wanted to break into the next level. Kirit has a Mastery on Communication. I learned so much and my confidence was truly enhanced. It is as he says, "real time transformation." Utilising his guidance and also attending a series of Workshops on Business Planning and Real Team Building which I applied to my business the results were nothing short of extraordinary.  In fact, I enrolled several members of my downline into the programs because the skills learned were so powerful. In the course of the next 8 months my residual monthly income rocketed from £5-7000 to £50-65,000. I now have a lifestyle which is the stuff of dreams and I have time to carry out charitable works in Africa and India working with orphanages and villages. Whether you are in network marketing or any business at all, invest in what Kirit teaches. Get your entire team there. I am now not only one of the top earners in the business, the overall profession globally, I also have a life that is beautiful. Thank you Kirit. 

George Gold: Lawyer (retired), Businessman

 My family have held extensive business interests in London, Middle East, Africa and Asia for several generations. There are some people who are intuitively bright. In a hugely complex, multi million pound litigation case Kirit represented our opponents. He took what seemed a boilerplate proof case apart with charm, impeccable aplomb and eloquence.  Several times our legal team with 2 Queens Counsel were left wrong footed and in awe. The Judge immediately after remarked "In all my years on the Bench, 12 in the High Court and thousands of cases I have never ever been so beautifully entertained and seen the majesty of the law given wings." I decided there and then to solicit his skills if ever I found myself in a similar situation. We instruct several Magic Circle firms and the cream of Counsel and even today in 2017, for the past several years Kirit has expertly guided my family on all matters legal and financial and with his move into Leadership Training over 8 years ago, I urgently secured his services as a mentor and coach. We have enjoyed spectacular success in every sense. If you can, find him and secure his services. He is also incredibly nice and an asset to your business, nay to your life. 

Peter Reynolds: Serial Entrepreneur

 Kirit is that rare breed of SuperCoach. I have known of Kirit for about 8 years and personally the past 4 years. I specialise in Joint Ventures especially in substantial retail acquisitions and commercial construction projects. Very few people possess that "knack" for seeing the deal and marshalling a team of colloborators in a way that everyone feels empowerred. Kirit is exceptional. Since being mentored by him I have clearer vision, significantly greater confidence and my management skills and that of my team have sky rocketed. Previously I had engaged in deals total aggregate being £250m and since Kirit's involvement and stewardship I have put together deals in excess of £30Billion. Success leaves clues.  

Pamela Card: Property Developer

Prior to meeting Kirit, I had 10 properties, totalling circa £1.8m net. In the 2 years since and with Kirit’s regular coaching, I now command a business with over 45 properties, valued even in this market at circa £18.5m net. The results are directly attributable to the way Kirit “unlocks” the potential in you.

Lucinda Langley: Sales Director, National IT & Office Supplies

It’s a very competitive world. Margins are tighter, Expectations are higher! Training with Kirit delivers Big! The team building, communication and systems strategies are so much fun yet so powerful.I am also now a far better motivator. Within the first 11 months after the intensive training programme Kirit provided and with ongoing training, we secured and won more business than the previous 2 years combined. That's what I call exceptional performance from exceptional training.

Dr. Rajendra Mayur: Consultant

The energy, quality of information and the passion Kirit exudes made me seriously rethink how I could retune my team of 160 people, and at the same time win significant funding for projects in the pipeline. His message impacted my personal life and very clearly the lives of the other 400+ attendees. Kirit was instrumental in the company revisiting its social contribution policy, virtually rewriting it and the company separately donating over £120,000 as a direct result of Kirit’s presentation. 

Paul Powers: Life Coach to Celebrities and Elite Athletes

I specialise in helping elite athletes and A list celebrities achieve peak performance. Attending Kirit's trainings and enrolling on his Superstar Coaching programs has totally transformed my capacity, my own energy and my own high standards. Not only do I benefit, the people I serve have a direct and significant gain. I believe I am amongst the best in what I do. In my opinion, there is no one better then Kirit in inspiring and guiding someone to totally and radically breakthrough into their best life ever. Whilst his programs may seem expensive to some, I ask, expensive compared to what? Not knowing what Kirit teaches is costing you so very much more, its costing you your best life! 

Tony Rodriguez: Millionaire Mentor, Business Coach, Speaker

Even the most outwardly successful read wealthy people have challenges. Perhaps not financial but other more important ones.  Lack of confidence and self belief will trip you up sometime somewhere. It can rob you of your life whilst you are alive. It can shake you to your very core. Whenever I have clients who have such deeply entrenched matters, I direct them to Kirit. His skill is so powerful you have to experience it in person. The results are unshakeable confidence, self belief and faith. The external outcomes, clients whose lives take on far greater meaning and joy. And of course even greater success - the difference is that it is now in every aspect of their life. 

Nigel Ramsay: Business Success Trainer to The Professions, Boston, USA

 In an industry where there are a lot of people and very few real distinctions, Kirit Pankhania stands out. His passion, eloquence, drive and leadership will elict the leader within you. Kirit's passion, eloquence, drive and leadership will elicit the leader within you. If you want to achieve performance gains that are consistent and life changing, attend Kirit’s trainings. The Knowledge Corporation sets the standard! 

Charlotte Quinnell: Business Education Consultant, Former University Lecturer

I love the profession of teaching and directly as a result of Kirit's guidance I now work as a Consultant to several University Business and Management Schools. Purely by recommendation I invited Kirit to help me prepare and present a "Pitch" and new Vision for Business Leadership. Over the course of several Coaching and Mentoring meetings I gained so many pragmatic skills and confidence that when I presented my programme not only did every Business School take up my proposal, they have implemented an adapted version to other areas of learning. I have continued to instruct Kirit as my Coach. Following his very demanding Active Action and Implementation Strategies I have been elevated from Visiting Lecturer to being a Consultant and from which position I can actively direct the future of educational development in these institutions. My dream job is now my dream life. 

Rahul Sethi, Globetrotting Entrepreneur, Mentor, Mumbai, NY, London

When you are really serious about achieving radical results in your business and your life, results that stand the test of time, get Kirit Pankhania on your Team. I met Kirit Pankhania at a fund-raiser and business conference of CEOs and Business Titans. The MC rightly hailed him as "being amongst the most dynamic business mindset leaders in The West if not the best.” In Kirit's 90 minute presentation, not only were all 1000 high profile guests thoroughly entertained, we gained practical inspirational insight into how to organically grow and create an enlightened business that I immediately implemented “enlightened entrepreneurship” into my mindset. I and 4 members of the Board then invested in his Elite Executive Coaching program. His strategies, homework and sincere commitment to drive through exceptional change are unceasing. The results speak for themselves. Over the last three years, each of the businesses has expanded by over 30-44% annually; truly spectacular results in what allegedly has been the worst recession in the last 3 decades. 

Lucy Kilmoore: NLP Expert and Coach to Fortune 100 Corporates

Kirit is exceptional. I learnt so much from him and about myself that today I am now a far better coach because of Kirit. And the results I win for my clients continue to reach new heights. 

Dr. Tanveer Singh: Quantum Physicist

You say “Everything is Energy” and “We are all connected”. Till I met you, I believed this was something primarily understood only in the realms of quantum physics and beyond real human consciousness. Your capacity to interact and bring alive huge awakening is energy at its most profound. You do so much for so many. Dynamic, Articulate, Amazing.  Kirit Pankhania, it is my honour and a privilege to know you. 

Wesley Alexander: Sales Director, FT100 Company

I met Kirit Pankhania as a fellow passenger whilst travelling by train to Liverpool from London. I was travelling my company's AGM and delivering a keynote speech on performance and the future. In our conversation, I gained such valuable insight from Kirit that I totally rewrote the presentation I was delivering the next day, and which I had previously already invested several weeks preparing. The fact that I received for the first time ever, a standing applause at the end of my presentation, vigorously for a full 2 minutes, speaks volumes as to Kirit's expertise on the art and science of powerful communication and how rapid his dynamic inspiration impacts! 

Lubna Hamid, IT Consultant, Property Trader, Local Government Councillor,UK

Kirit has an innate feel for getting to the core of whatever challenges one is facing, whether in business or personal life. He is a true master in the field of human potential and development. Kirit  quickly helps to identify the areas of resistance and blocks and then helps to create a pathway to turn what seemed like impossible goals and your dreams into reality. The aftercare is a major distinction and truly is invaluable and  serves to radically increase your personal and financial growth. I highly recommend Kirit's work and The Knowledge Corporation. In a time where leaders are rare, Kirit Pankhania is leading so many to their true greatness. 

Adriana Blandin, International ERASMUS Student, Kickboxing Vice Champion France

Awesome as a trainer, awesome as a person Kirit Pankhania is an outstanding teacher! Thanks to his support and inspirational energy I have learned that the possibilities surrounding us are limitless! I am only twenty but thanks to Kirit, I know that what I am going to achieve is going to be GREAT! 

Adam Shaw: Founder of The Healthy Heart Academy

Kirit brings warmth, humour and sharp insight to all that he does. His big heart and charitable acts are not always seen but are always appreciated. His passion for getting the best for others is incredible and so are his results. 

Martin Littleworth: Speaker, Author, NLP Trainer, London

Kirit Pankhania has a knack for helping others to really identify what they want and how to obliterate blockages. My own business success has quadrupled as a direct effect of what I have learned. If you want real results, wherever you are in your personal or business life, Kirit Pankhania is the one person you must see. 

Sarah Franklin: Housewife and Mother, London

I attended a motivational and leadership training with my former sister in law who was at that time a trainee recruitment manager for a national agency. She had some issues in her life and I had plenty. If it had not been for the awareness that my children needed me I would have taken my life. I had already tried and it was a miracle that the hospital were able to revive me. I cannot begin to thank Kirit for the warmth, the compassion and the powerful way in which I felt deeply touched. I know from speaking to many of the 280 others there that this was a common feeling. You saved me, my family and no words of praise can ever do you justice. As for my former sister in law, she found the courage to walk away from the abusive relationship, is completing her MBA and is also now the regional director. We often talk about the wonderful impact you made upon all our lives. Thank YOU God Bless YOU 

Raj Ahluwalia: Entrepreneur, Coach and International Trainer to MLM teams

For me, he is the next Robbins. Even the best need a coach and Kirit is one of them. He is truly inspirational and a motivating person. He helps others find their power and rapidly achieve consistent and spectacular success. Kiritbrings out the best in all. 

Richard Chalmer: Former Lawyer now Property Trader

Kirit offered to coach me and I am delighted to highly recommend his services. My team bid for and secured 3 major contracts that revolutionised our finances. His techniques for motivation are powerful and the public communication skills we gained continue to win big business. If you have the opportunity to be trained by him, don’t miss it. You will thank yourself for years to come. 

Marcus Laziz: Speaker, Psychologist, Hypotherapist, Elite TriAthlete

Kirit Pankhania doesn't waste time. One conversation with this man can totally transform your life. I was referred to Kirit by a professional colleague following a serious physical injury whilst competing in a race. My mindset was at an all time low. I as a psychologist and hypnotherapist know how important the mind is in the process of healing but I was unable to reconnect the dots. I consulted some of the top specialists and physicians in Sports Medicine but there was a block. I had one deep meaningful conversation with Kirit and even as we spoke I could sense something was shifting. I applied his advice and over the next few months we spoke and he guided me. I was told by specialists I would never compete professionally and would be lucky if I could even manage to walk unassisted. Well, I have since meeting Kirit, much to the shock of The Establishment, since completed 28 triathlons including the Ironman and 3 of the toughest races in the world and I keep winning, in sports and in life. I call it Kirit Power! 

Adriana Nava, Entrepreneur, San Diego, USA

I wanted to thank you for being the amazing person you are. You have done so much in bringing encouragement, faith and will power to do better, to be better and to grow to the best of my potential. You are a positive being full of love for others. You make a difference in someone's life and sometimes you may not even be aware of just how great that is but you do. Thank you for all the smiles you have brought me, the learning, the awakening and realization of my inner power, the great laughs and sharing the love from one human being to another.  

Agnes Zaure: CEO of Juriidika Law Firm

Both in my business and personal life, our work together has enabled me to make momentous changes for a much better future. Without hesitation, I will certainly recommend training with The Knowledge Corporation to any business colleagues or friends who wish to bring about magnificent changes in their life. 

Karyn Walker: World Peace Mission

Kirit I have known you for some time now. Your passion and determination to positively impact the lives of all others is so rare and yet so perfect. I wish you luck and my prayers go with you on all you strive to help humanity. I have always admired your positive outlook on life and your go get it, go get it done attitude. You have an amazing gift Kirit and you are willing to unselfishly share it with the world. I know I cannot help but be one of your top fans. I am humbled and honored to write about you, your energy your vision and yes even your sense of humour for all these qualities make you unique and a wonderful individual. You are one of a kind, God bless you always!

James Whitely: Speaker & Trainer, Manchester

Kirit’s training is dynamic, entertaining and it works. His public speaking strategies have real bite. From addressing groups of 8-15 people in relationship workshops, by utilising what I learned, I have already presented at an event in front of 150 and been booked as a keynote presenter at an event where over 350 candidates will be present.

Raymond Wilker: Investor, Philanthropist.

Winning in business, in investments and in life is all about mindset or "mind flow" as Kirit calls it. After a 2nd heart by-pass and whilst recovering the breakdown of my marriage and fraud of almost £15M by my business partner I was pretty much finished. I reluctantly attended a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain conference. I say reluctant as I had decided to simply survive away the rest of my days and I only went to the meeting as I knew an old friend from the Special Forces was in the country as a speaker there and I figured we would catch up. Waking past the hotel I noticed a youngish, or rather more accurately, a youthful fellow who seemed to have a buzz around him. In spite of the torrential rain, he was beaming and engaging with everyone. We exchanged greetings and I just knew, in that moment, I had to connect. This fellow had an aura and as they say "There are no coincidences, only miracles." We chatted and the following week I was lucky enough to enrol in a Mind Mastery programme he held. Long story short, I am back to my best, my energy is great and even though I am 70 I have more health and passion for life then at any time I can ever remember. I have also successfully made more money in the past 2 years then 10 years previously combined and am now mentoring others. Don't take just my word, meet him if you are lucky enough and you will see the huge dividends your life will reap.

Rajesh J Patel: Entrepreneur

I have known Kirit for many years and he truly shifted my perception of what could be done. To say my return on investment has been multiplied several fold is an understatement. He is a person who teaches you to focus and then to follow through so that you gain immense shifts in performance whilst really enjoying the process.

Velkoz Ivanov: Businessman

Instantly upon meeting Kirit, I knew this was something different. I felt like I shifted into a better me. Today, I have several very successful businesses in Europe and I am healthier and loving life. If you are thinking of doing something else, don’t waste your money and your time. Go and get Kirit Pankhania. It’s worked for me and for many others I know.

Anthony Stein: Hotelier and Investor, New Jersey, USA

I have made it a priority to stay connected and coached by Kirit. Following the direction and focus that I gained, I have doubled my business performance, not once but every 18 months! My team works as a team, we set targets and exceed them every time! Thank you Kirit.

Tania Yankin: Mompreneur, Entrepreneur, Global Fundraiser, UNICEF Ambassador

I started my businesses 8 years ago. I met Kirit as he was leaving a function, shaking hands following a charity fund raiser where the target of £20,000 was massively boosted to £75000 following Kirit's KeyNote speech. My husband and I were just passing by and were mesmerised. I cheekily asked if I could have 5 minutes of his time, my businesses were failing and I was losing my mind and my hope. I wanted to be inspired. He was on his way to another event in the City and said if I could attend "You will learn something that will fuel fire within." The event was sold out but he said my business partner and I could attend for free on the basis we made a gesture of benevolence to a good cause of my choice in the next 7 days. He said he had a KeyNote to deliver and dashed off. We followed. In the course of the next 90 minutes we and over 3000 people were enraptured. For the first time we had the clearest vision, an energy and something surreal propelling us. We both subsequently joined his 24 month program and the results are outstanding. At a time when we were losing everything, we are now prospering in every sense. And Yes we made a donation to a charity and now every year we give an extra £100,000 to good causes. That level of sensational success is down to Kirit's mindflow methods and inspiration. Oh and I am Happier than I have ever been!

Zarina Gaffar: International BusinessWoman

Kirit is seemingly everywhere and trying to retain him may seem hard, because there is a waiting list, but it is absolutely worth it. Don't lose the chance. I am responsible for my family's myriad business interests. I took over the mantle when my brother passed away. I knew I needed professional help beyond what was out there. At Harvard I met Kirit. I asked for mentorship and when an opening became available, 4 months later, I seized the opportunity. Today, 4 years on Kirit is my closest advisor and my family businesses have rocketed from a net annual profit, yes profit, of $20million to $180M.  

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