Action Steps Now

1- I will personally though Specific LaserFocused Webinars and Zooms SHARE with you and Hold You Accountable on Identifying the blocks, eliminating the self-sabotage, crafting a Life of Dreams YOU CAN attain, Give your the strategies that has made at present 2842 people who were broke or bankrupt into millionaires in 18 months or less, teach you the secrets of real TEAM Building and How to Deliver bullet proof confidence..and much much more.

2- This will by necessity be INTENSIVE. a Full Immersion process. It will be via exclusive MasterMind Group sessions.  Individually I normally charge a minimum £4500 per session of 45 mins. And there is a waiting list of clients.

3- AND this is why this is a No Brainer.... for the next 9 months so you emerge a Brand NEW Human BEING and not just a HumanDoing... is £175.00 per month.

4- WHY so low? I told you I am in the Recruitment Business. I am seeking Leaders who want to Rise Up, shrug off the pain of the past, Refine their future and Step UP so we leave this world a far better world than we found it. For ALL Our Children. For ALL LIFE.

5- I'm looking for a 1000 people. Ready to step up. Think of it as INVESTING for your world though at less than the cost of a cappuccino and a very small cake a day you get to Partner with someone who has already raised over £194 MILLION in 8 years for good causes. You can pay more if you wish, the minimum monthly is £175.00 per month.

As we can all agree £175.00 for an hour a month would be extraordinary!!!  I have found that people tend to lose momentum and especially in the early stages a gap of a month between mentoring is too long. So for your daily £5.79 or £0.24p an hour I am structuring 2 sessions a month so we compound and accelerate your growth and transformation.

As I said this is limited to 1000 people who are prepared to dig deep in every sense and finally become The Leader they have yearned to and deserve to become.



contact me with your full name, email, whats app number and message stating the three areas you wish to have massive success within 9 months.

No holds barred ActionTakers. Dont let your excuses exceed your desire level otherwise it will cost you of the future You Were Born To Manifest.

Isn't it time that YOU finally manifested your best life? What is your dream life?  Do this now. My guarantee is that Life will NEVER be the same again.

A Strategic Time Tested Process that Delivers BIG Time for Those with Big Hearts and Big Dreams. 

All prices are exclusive of VAT